The TZombies Tutorial

Welcome to the TZombies Tutorial, a comprehensive step-by-step tutorial on building the TZombies NFT dApp on Tezos.
The TZombies dApp is an NFT collection of scary brains and zombies. Collectors are invited to connect their Tezos wallet to the web app and mint one or more NFTs. Some of these NFTs are free, and others cost 2 ꜩ. The app also features a marketplace where collectors can openly trade their brains and zombies.
You will learn how to create a modern and user-friendly dApp from scratch. The tutorial covers smart contract development and to front-end implementation.
The application front end will be written with the React library and the Next.js development framework.The Smart Contract will be written in the Archetype language, with support from the Completium suite of development tools.
The final application is deployed on the Ghostnet testnet at https://zombies-pi.vercel.app, and the repository can be found on GitHub.
The code for this tutorial has not been audited, neither is it optimised for production use. It was written for educational purposes only, and should not be used as-is on production.

Prerequisite knowledge

This tutorial will guide you through the different steps of building the application from scratch. It assumes that you have a basic understanding of blockchains, wallet operations and transactions. Knowledge of Typescript web development, React, but also console commands is required.


Tzombies is the result of an initiative by the Tezos Foundation Bounty Program.
Special thanks to the Completium team, behind the archetype language and the completium tool suite, who generously offered their help and added some features to make this tutorial more accessible.
Last modified 3mo ago